Monthly Tips September 2019

Monthly Tips



TIP 1 Labor Day

Jack Ma, who endorses a 996 work schedule (9am–9pm, six days a week), recently spoke at the World AI Conference and suggested that every country should be focused on “making sure our kids can find a job, a job that only requires three days a week, four hours a day.” Automation may create three-day work weeks for everyone in 20 years, or it may take longer. However, for those approaching retirement that may want to stay working with a shorter work week, a new term is being used more often: work-optional lifestyle.

For Labor Day we celebrate work, and we celebrate rest. The professionals at Garden State Trust Company can help assess your resources if you’re looking to transition into retirement, or a work-optional lifestyle.

From all of us at Garden State Trust Company: Happy Labor Day!


TIP 2 September Festivals in Ocean County

At Garden State Trust Company we highlight the benefits of using trusts to maximize the value of charitable giving for both recipient and the giver, but we also like to highlight the benefits of charitable events within our community.

As summer winds down – read about two upcoming fun events coming up in Ocean County that you might want to attend for yourself and the causes they support in our blogpost: September Festivals in Ocean County.


TIP 3 Caretaker concerns – Hiding Our Pain

For many people, being strong means showing strength, and showing strength means hiding our pain. This can cause real issues for caretakers who feel guilt for not knowing information that isn’t shared with them which would have created an opportunity for better care.

Like many of life’s firsts, these issues can seem uniquely ours and insurmountable; however, there are many others in similar situations and using their experience can be helpful. Garden State Trust Company provides services for Solo Agers (People without a familial caretaker) and for caretakers, and we are familiar with both sides of this struggle. You are not alone, and we’d be pleased to share our experiences.


TIP 4 Digital Estate Planning – Apple Passwords

Apple has announced that are coming out with a new way to store passwords for accounts, which will allow their users to create accounts for services that are sent to an email Apple creates and forwards to the user, so the user’s real email is not shared with the vendor. They hope their users will aggregate all their password information into their platform, and by using the Face or Touch ID software may never need to remember a password again.

Sounds great – but it could be an issue for estate planners who have been urging people to create password lists as part of their estate plans so that their digital assets can be passed on. There are many hurdles that can be difficult to overcome to obtaining access to a loved one’s digital life – If everything becomes centralized through Apple, that may change so there is only one hurdle. The question becomes, how difficult will that hurdle be to overcome once the face or fingerprint (that cannot be passed on) is gone.

Careful planning for digital assets may become even more important to prevent accounts from becoming lost.