Monthly Tips

Monthly Tips



TIP 1 Kaufman Estate Questions

There are many unanswered questions regarding the estate of philanthropist George Kaufman. The WSJ reports that his will was changed two months before death, and the legal battle over the estimated $500 million may be lengthy, but it also demonstrates the approval of the New York State officials for the use of a trust company:

“The office of New York’s attorney general, which supervises charities in the state, has supported Bessemer, calling it a “disinterested, neutral corporate fiduciary.”

This is because corporate fiduciaries (such as Garden State Trust Company as well) are bound by fiduciary duty, which requires that they remain neutral and place the needs of the client before their own. Read our earlier post: Fiduci-what for more information on fiduciaries.


TIP 2 Leaves Are Changing

Winter is coming… but it’s not here yet!

The leaves are changing and it’s beautiful. People travel from many places to see the leaves change, and in New Jersey, we are lucky to have it happening around us already. If you’re in Tom’s River and have a free day when the weather is nice, check out Double Trouble State Park. It has some easier trails to hike and enjoy the foliage.


TIP 3 Stew Leonard’s Expands Into New Jersey

Look! Up There, in Paramus! It’s a grocery store. It’s an amusement park. It’s Stew Leonard’s!

Stew Leonard’s, a grocery store with a unique shopping experience, has expanded out of New York and Connecticut and opened a location in New Jersey.

This grocery store varies from the conventional is many ways. Read about how in Stew Leonard’s Differentiates Itself. Just like how we differentiate ourselves from others!


TIP 4 Halloween Safety

What festivities do you have planned for Halloween?  Are they somber, or jubilant? In Toms River, we have the second largest Halloween parade in the world!

Are you going to make Jack O’ Lanterns? One tip from Good Housekeeping is to carve the opening in the bottom instead of the Top. Check out this article from them for more tips.

We at Garden State Trust Company wish everyone a safe end enjoyable holiday!