Message From Our Founder

Our Total Dedication to Our Clients

Having been in the trust industry for my entire career spanning over 50 years, I have undertaken the task of weighing the services provided to you, the client, against the backdrop of profitability to the company’s “bottom line.” As CEO of a truly independent trust company, my bottom line is your level of satisfaction with the services we provide.

From the beginning, we at Garden State Trust Company have differentiated ourselves from other Trust Service providers, not only by the quality of the services we provide, but by the highest standards, the uncompromising principles and character of the people who deliver these services.

Each one of us at Garden State Trust Company is dedicated to placing your interests above our own, ensuring the personal success and benefit to all.

We understand that the relationship with each of our clients will evolve and that over time there will be a need for additional services. As our client’s needs grow so does our responsibility as advocate and advisor. Like family, we are with you for Life.

Ira J. Brower, Founder