Solutions We May Not Know To Look For

Solutions We May Not Know To Look For

We all grow old, but we may not want to acknowledge we’re getting older. However, there are benefits to getting older too, and not just experience. Many products are built specifically to make life easier for older Americans. Some of these products are so nice, people may wonder why they waited until they are older to acquire them in the first place.

We’ve put together some of our favorites that many may not even realize exist in order to raise awareness:

If you’re struggling to get up out of a chair, you’re not alone.

Consider a hydraulic chair. There are enough people with this issue that many companies are competing to address it, and it’s even the case that if it’s a medical necessity, a Hydraulic Chair may be covered by Medicare. It’s not just about comfort either, the chair’s adjusting positions can help with health. Forbes Health has put together a comprehensive guide of what to look for in a lift chair.

If you’re struggling to get yourself dressed, you’re not alone.

Consider Velcro/adaptive ClothingYou likely know about Velcro, but did you know about Velcro Pajamas? The AARP has put together an article for Caregivers linking to 13 companies that provide adaptive clothing. Did you know companies design clothing for those that are wheelchair bound as well, and sometimes this makes it possible to dress yourself when you didn’t think that was possible anymore?

If you want to stay at home for as long as possible, you’re not alone.

Consider home safety adjustments – There is a long laundry list of things to consider doing to make things safer and easier. The best way to go about it is one step at a time, starting before the absolute need for anything arises. AARP has a checklist here of how you could focus on a different area of the house each year. For example, in the bathroom you could install a walk-in shower, place a shower chair or bench, and install grab bars on the shower wall. You could install a taller toilet to make it easier to get up, or a toilet riser to place on the existing toilet.

 If you’re tired of bending over all the time, you’re not alone.

 Consider telescoping, long, or joint friendly tools so you don’t have to bend over – from something as simple as the Fiskars 3-claw stand up weeder for gardening, to a telescoping grabber, there are many options that can save one’s ailing back. There are tools that can help with joints as well, like cordless lithium pruners that do the pruning with a click of a button instead of a squeeze. There are also ways to exercise that take joints into account, such as recumbent biking instead of upright, or a mini trampoline.

These are just some of the solutions for issues that come up as we age. There are many others.

One of the biggest problems one might want to solve is offloading the hassles associated with everyday financial management. That’s where trust services come in. Most times when people think of trusts they think of estate planning, since it can solve the most problems in that space. Trust services can also be utilized to solve many other lifetime financial issues. A living trust can be arranged to pay monthly bills, provide continuous financial management, step in in the case of incapacity, and other financial chores. It can make it easier to travel as a senior and know that everything is taken care of, and can be especially helpful to those aging alone.

If you’d like to know more about how trust services can help aging adults, please let us know. A trust officer at Garden State Trust Company would be pleased to elaborate.