Monthly Tips February 2021

Monthly Tips

February 2021


TIP 1 Tax Facts

We have posted our new Tax Facts tables to our website under the RESOURCES tab, and incorporated several important changes for the 2021 edition that were affected by CARES Act.

If you’re curious about the new tax brackets and numbers for 2021, an overview is also available in our handy reference guide for 2021 on our website at


TIP 2 Living Trusts

We are a corporate fiduciary, that is, we are a company that has been granted the legal power to act as a trustee. Most trusts help with everyday problems, and one of the most popular types of trust is a Revocable Living Trust. Click to read about some of the benefits of a revocable living trust in our blog here.


TIP 3 How do we earn our fee?

There are many questions one should ask a financial advisor or trust officer before working with them, and we encourage any prospects to ask us and others. One of the more basic ones can also be one of the more awkward things to bring up: What do your services cost?

Feel free to ask us that question anytime – this question gives us the opportunity to justify our value!
We are transparent regarding our fees and practices, and our fiduciary duty as a trust company legally obligates us to place our client’s interests ahead of our own. Why settle for anything less?