Monthly Tips September 2018

Monthly Tips



TIP 1 Grandparent Scam Alert

Scammers will often use real information they’ve found online to prey on their victims, such as pictures or information that a grandchild posts about their time in a foreign country. The scamster calls the grandparent with a demand for wired money or gift cards for the release of their grandchild.

It is emotional, effective, and because the actual information of the child’s location is used, even those who are aware of this type of scam have been fooled. Sometimes the scamsters say they are putting the child on the phone, but all that can be heard is hysteria from someone of the same age and gender. Be aware, and contact local authorities to help and intercede should you receive a similar call.


TIP 2 Aretha Franklin

The queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, has passed away from advanced pancreatic cancer at the age of 76 a month ago, and we mourn the passing of a bright star.

Did you know that Aretha Franklin demanded to be paid in cash? Not a small chunk of change to receive all at once. Click to learn some interesting facts about Aretha’s storied career, and how she created a financial legacy for her family.


TIP 3 Benefits of an Independent Trust Company

Some may wonder: Why choose an Independent Trust Company like Garden State Trust Company as trustee instead of family, friends, brokerage, or larger bank?

Reason: Our wonderful team that is dedicated to placing the interests of our clients above our own, ensuring the personal success and benefit to all!!!

Not enough of a reason? How about: We have a singular focus on trust services. We are well aware of the regulations regarding the trust industry. We work with your desired providers of other services such as attorneys. We’re impartial to family disputes. We are always available. We are experienced.

Want even more reasons? Talk to us, and we’ll elaborate ☺.