Monthly Tips October 2021

Monthly Tips

October 2021


TIP 1 Questions For a Trust Officer

At Garden State Trust Company, we are sometimes empowered by our clients to act on their behalf so they don’t need to know all the nuts and bolts of wealth management. We also know that educated clients will be able to make informed decisions, and encourage education whenever possible.

We are pleased to share our experience and demonstrate our expertise for free within our blogs, monthly newsletter, and market commentary. Beyond industry perspective, we answer common questions about wealth management on our website at Ask Garden State.

If you have a question, please let us know. We enjoy responding to inquiries, and it helps us identify what experience we could share so others can overcome similar issues.


TIP 2 Social Security Introduction

Social Security may be about to experience one of its largest increases for cost of living since the 1980s due to the recent increases in inflation. Some estimates show an increase as high as 6%, and the actual numbers will be released later in October.

Although Social Security is for all workers, it is complicated. Even questions about the best time to start Social Security don’t have simple answers that work for everyone. Learn more about how to start, when to start, whether you can still work after starting your Social Security benefits, and more in our latest blog post: Social Security Basics.


TIP 3 Trusts Are Good

Trust services are a way for anyone of moderate wealth to have a fiduciary, someone who by law needs to put client interests first, to assist in achieving financial goals. Goals such as continued wealth management for the family in the case of dementia or incapacity. The continued care for a special needs child. Maximizing the benefits of charitable giving. Ensuring familial harmony and a smooth transition of wealth so a family business can stay in the family.

Our clients are wonderful. Their goals are amazing. In some jobs it can be easy to lose sight of one’s mission. At Garden State Trust Company, we not only get to see the good that we do for our client’s families, but the extension of that into their communities and the world. It’s a good job to wake up to.

If you are considering how your wealth can change the world, or how you can ensure continued care for your loved ones, we’d be pleased to meet and help facilitate your aspirations, too 😊.


TIP 4 Halloween Candy Favorites

Having trouble deciding which candy to give out for Halloween this year? has compiled a list of the most popular candy in each state if you want to follow the trends. #1 in NJ was M&Ms, followed by Tootsie Pops and Skittles. #1 in PA was Hershey’s mini bars, followed by M&Ms and Skittles.

America’s least favorite candy is claimed to be candy corn, and leftover candy corn does seem to be a reoccurring issue for many following Halloween. One idea for the leftovers can be to create your own trail mix. By adding some salted peanuts, raisins, and dark chocolate M&Ms to the mix, the sweetness is mitigated and an entirely new snack is created, and even those with an aversion to plain candy corn may find themselves going back for more.

Happy Halloween!