Monthly Tips May 2022

Monthly Tips

May 2022


TIP 1 Cinco De Mayo

There are many ways to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, and one that is growing in popularity is to make some homemade guacamole. Reportedly, Americans eat over 81 million pound of avocados as part of Cinco De Mayo celebrations.

With global turmoil, supply shortages are still on many people’s minds, and with Cinco De Mayo approaching many may be wondering what happened to the Avocado import ban that came right before the Superbowl. Although some shortages are persistent, others end up being resolved quickly. Reuters reported that imports restarted February 18th, just a week after they had been paused, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to find avocados with ease. Considerations to change up your guacamole recipe could be to add some blended peas for a touch of sweetness, or cumin for a little extra oomph.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


TIP 2 Should I Retire To the Sea?

The perfect retirement has many elements and is more than just having enough money to make work an option instead of a requirement. It is about being able to do things that you haven’t had time for and finding new ways to structure your time. For some, that may mean family, new hobbies, or travel.

For the travel lover, a new trend may start popping up again now that travel destinations are opening back up. Rather than searching for the perfect state to retire in or retiring to a country where one’s dollars may provide more bang for their buck, consider retiring on the water so as to wake up in new locations throughout the year. Read more in our article, Should I Retire To the Sea?


TIP 3 Do I Want My Child To Be My Guardian?

As we age, we realize that our minds may not always stay as sharp as they are, and eventually someone else may need to handle our financial affairs. Should this happen suddenly, the court may need to appoint a guardian. An adult child might serve as guardian, for example. The hidden problem may be that the child lacks financial management expertise, notwithstanding other career accomplishments. On the other hand, setting up a living trust ensures that an experienced trust officer can step in should incapacity strike, one who is already familiar with your affairs and wishes.

Let us know if you’re interested in learning more.


TIP 4 Memorial Day Commemoration

With the war in Ukraine, we are reminded on how quickly freedoms and security can be lost. We know that, just as many in Ukraine are sacrificing for their freedom, our armed forces are sacrificing and have sacrificed to protect our freedom and security. We salute our veterans and extend our appreciation to those that have been willing to serve our great nation.

Happy Memorial Day!