Monthly Tips May 2020

Monthly Tips

May 2020


TIP 1 Caring for Aging Parents

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day, which has many considering what they can do to celebrate while continuing to reduce risk for mothers or grandmothers that are in nursing homes.

Mother’s Day traditionally sees the highest phone call volume all year, and we expect that to be even higher this year given the new restrictions. Beyond a traditional call, one could consider a video call over Skype or Facetime to share memories, or even do physical activities together such as baking or having a meal and drinks together. If you can’t go out to do your traditional card shopping, you could consider a personalized card from Shutterfly or PostSnap. They will print a card with your sentiment on it (you can upload a photo or signature too), and then mail it for you so you could do so from home.

Let’s get excited to celebrate our mothers and grandmothers in whatever way we can. Please share what you’re doing too.


TIP 2 Privacy Concerns

Google and Apple are developing a tool to be part of their software operating system called “contact tracing” or “exposure notification”, to help prevent the spread of virulent diseases by being able to track who every person has had contact with. Even with such good intentions, many Americans are justifiably concerned with having their location tracked at all times. The system is planned to be opt-in with secure data management, because of the privacy concerns that it raises.

One of the features of trust service is that it creates added financial privacy for the family. Trust assets can avoid probate and the public disclosure it entails. If you’re concerned with the financial privacy of your family’s wealth, we’d be pleased to further elaborate on how trust services can help with that.


TIP 3 Memorial Day Commemoration

We are pleased to salute our veterans, and extend our appreciation to those that have been willing to serve our great nation.

As part of this Memorial day, one might consider visiting the National Guard Militia Museum of NJ website. They recorded over 600 interviews with Veterans, and while they aren’t available for online viewing, there are summaries of the interviews that are categorized. These can help us gain additional insights beyond the stories we’ve heard directly.

Happy Memorial Day!


TIP 4 Charitable Giving During a Crisis

Americans have been noted to be the most generous on the planet in terms of charitable giving, and that generous nature has inspired us many times over when we face and overcome crises as a community.

From small to large donations, there are additional tax benefits for making charitable donations from the CARES Act. Read about how you could direct your New Jersey charitable efforts in our blog: Charitable Giving During a Crisis.