Monthly Tips June 2021

Monthly Tips

June 2021


TIP 1 Special Needs

If you’re a caretaker of someone with special needs, you know that quality of life can come from the little things. Things such as having tacos every Tuesday. Things you know about the one you hold dear, that no one else does.

Although the primary purpose of a Special Needs Trust is to promote the financial stability and well-being of those who can’t take care of themselves, the process of setting it up helps create a formal setting where those little things can be recorded and provided to the new guardian when the time comes. If you’re interested in more information about the types of questions we ask to make sure we’re helping with both the big and little things, just let us know, we’d be pleased to elaborate.


TIP 2 Summer Solstice

The days are about to start getting shorter, after June 20th, the summer solstice or longest day this year. Here’s a bit of trivia to share – Did you know that Mars has a summer solstice too?

It doesn’t happen every year though (as we think of years). On the earth calendar, the summer solstice will be on August 25th this year. One needs to say earth calendar, because Mars takes more time to rotate around the sun, so a year would be almost twice as long. For more fun facts to share about the Martian seasons, check out this Forbes article.


TIP 3 Lifestyle Management Services

Retirement is a wonderful new chapter to embark on, but aging also comes with hurdles and challenges to overcome. Many of the physical and emotional issues that are faced are unlike any before throughout our lives. Garden State Trust company can provide arrangements and guidance as you face each challenge, and share the wisdom we’ve gained by helping clients through similar issues. Read more about our Lifestyle Management services in Lifestyle Management – What’s That?


TIP 4 Request for Referrals

We know future clients are out there. Helping them is going to be fulfilling, and wonderful. There will be more people that would benefit by having someone ready to step in should incapacity strike. More people that would enjoy having more financial privacy within their estate plans. More philanthropists that want to maximize the benefits associated with charitable giving.

We need help connecting with them, so we can do our part. If you know someone that might benefit from our services, let them know where we are. We are excited for the opportunity to connect, introduce ourselves, and demonstrate the value we create. Regardless of their situation or how they decide to proceed, we’ll provide helpful information and ensure that they are glad they took the time to see us.