Monthly Tips February 2019

Monthly Tips



TIP 1 I Didn’t Know You Could Ship That!

Did anyone buy one of the real roses last year we wrote about that would bloom for an entire year without maintenance for Valentine’s Day? Is it still blooming?

Here are four additional items that would be lavish for Valentine’s day this year that the moderately wealthy may be considering, but most don’t even know they are available or shippable products. Click to see our blogpost: I didn’t know you could ship that!


TIP 2 New Tax Tables

Don’t forget that the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is now in effect as you file your taxes for the 2018 tax year. Many are still getting used to the changes, and Garden State Trust Company has a handy reference guide of information and tables breaking down the tax brackets.


TIP 3 President’s Day – A Salute

At Garden State Trust Company, we’re proud to celebrate the founders of our great nation, and wish our customers and clients a wonderful President’s day.

Did you know that President’s day is still officially also known as Washington’s Birthday? Here’s some fun trivia to share – Which is larger – the combined value of the smallest currency ($1 bills) in circulation, or the largest currency that was ever in U.S circulation ($10,000 bills)?

Answer – the $10,000 bill was discontinued due to lack of use in 1969, and the banks started destroying the bills. 336 bills are known to exist – even if we say the market value of each bill has gone up to 140,000 (pristine condition worth on the open market), they still don’t come close to the value of the 11.7 billion $1 bills combined. Click to see the full breakdown.


TIP 4 Special Needs Trusts

A caretaker’s job is never done, whether you are caring for someone old or someone young. Caretakers of children with special needs have an even larger consideration at stake – not surviving the person they are caring for.

Wondering about what would happen should you no longer be able to serve in that role? At Garden State Trust Company, our professionals can tell you about the special needs trust to provide the continuing financial support that they need. Click here for additional information.