Monthly Tips August 2018

Monthly Tips



TIP 1 Stock Market Volatility

Recently, we saw Facebook’s shares decline 19% in a single day, marking the largest ever one-day decline in market value of a U.S. listed company of $119.1 billion.

Seeing news of such volatility may cause some to avoid the stock market altogether, but academic studies have shown that most of the gains in the stock market occur on just a few trading days, too. The risk of being out of the market on good days outweighs the reward of avoiding the losers. The professionals at Garden State Trust Company are glad to provide information on the risks of investing, and how to invest in a way that can still create solid returns while mitigating risk exposure.


TIP 2 Newsletter Signup

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TIP 3 Special Needs Olympics

We’ve entered our 50th year of the Special Needs Olympics in 2018 and are pleased to celebrate inclusion and creating a society that embraces everyone. Last month, there was nearly a week of exciting events, with some celebrities participating in the festivities as well.

Garden State Trust Company is no stranger to those with special needs, as we work with many families to create special needs trusts that can ensure a higher quality of living without endangering the government benefits that the person with special needs relies on. Click here to learn more about the Special Needs Olympics and our role in helping those with special needs.


TIP 4 Retirement Income Management

People spend most of their lives in the asset accumulation phase – saving for retirement from a steady paycheck. When the time comes to transition into retirement, turning savings into regular income, it’s not easy to match spending to accumulated assets. There is a real danger of outliving one’s resources.

Retirement income management is something that should be periodically reviewed – we’d be happy to share more information or provide a consultation with those already retired or approaching retirement.