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Monthly Tips



TIP 1  Holiday Giving

There’s been another year of solid growth in generosity for Americans!  According to Giving USA 2018, charitable giving exceeded $400 billion in a single year for the first time in 2017, and 70% of that giving is done by individuals.


They estimated that 35.7 billion of that giving was done by bequest. At Garden State Trust Company, we’re ready to help clients with their philanthropic desires, and offer charitable trusts to maximize the benefits for the giver and the receiver. Learn more by clicking here.



TIP 2  Holiday Spending


The Black Friday and Cyber Monday numbers are in – and spending is strong both in-store and especially online. This is considered by many to be a positive sign regarding the economy as a whole, given that the retail sector supports 1 in 4 U.S. jobs and contributes 2.6 trillion to our annual GDP.


Read our blog post here for some highlights of how this year differed from last year, and some interesting insights into the origin of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



TIP 3  One of the Greatest Gifts

“I don't have your money. It's in Tom's house...and Fred's house.”


George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life convinced the town’s people to trust the building and loan, so that they could all benefit from the mutual debt that they owed one another that the bank facilitated.  Trust and goodwill can create wealth and good fortune. We’re proud to be in a business that is centered on trust.


The great gift that George Bailey received from Clarence (the angel) that turned his life around was to see the positive impact he made on the world (by witnessing the contrary). One does not need to be an angel to give this gift -- We can all give this gift to one another, by sharing words, making a toast, and letting our loved ones know the positive impact they’ve made in our lives.



TIP 4  Approaching Retirement in the New Year


We’re concluding our tenth year at Garden State Trust Company, which means we can no longer just use our fingers to show the number of years we’ve been in business. Don’t worry though, that won’t stop us from continuing to serve our client’s needs and help them achieve their goals.


Approaching 2019, we suggest a goal of maxing out your 401(k) or IRA to grow your retirement savings faster. Did you know that the IRA contribution limit has been raised from 5,500 to 6,000 for 2019? Perhaps you’re almost ready to retire? We’d be happy to let you know how you can rollover that 401(k) into an IRA to maximize the tax-deferred growth, or review your financial situation to see if you’re as financially ready as you think your are. Click here to contact us and schedule a meeting.


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