Can You Defend Yourself Against Financial Scams and Undue Influence?

Although seniors may be considered by some to be the most vulnerable to financial scams, the recent increase in social media scams and text message scams proves that all generations are susceptible and, in some cases, younger generations are even more susceptible.

For a solo ager, the family safety net concerning financial scams disappears. Vigilance is key and watching for the red flags involved in financial exploitation. You can read about those red flags, and steps that can be taken to prevent you from becoming a victim, in our information brochure: Watch Your Wallet.

Staying informed about the latest swindles is a great idea too. Though Garden State Trust Company does not have a newsletter dedicated to this topic alone, we often include articles in our free monthly newsletter, and we have a blog post when something particularly different comes along, like our scams are becoming more elaborate post.