Making Referrals

Making Referrals

Dear Garden State Trust:

I am a satisfied trust customer. Recently my brother-in-law asked me about who handles my investments, and I was unsure about whether you welcome referrals. I don’t know how much he has to invest—would that matter? Do you want such cold referrals, or are they just a bother? Would you keep the details of my own trust confidential?

—Protocol Needed

Dear Protocol:

We do welcome referrals from our existing clients. Don’t worry about whether the brother-in-law would be a good fit for our services, that’s part of our job.

Please feel free to tell your friends and relatives as much or as little about our service as you are comfortable with. We will tell them nothing. Every trust in our care is administered in complete confidentiality, only the trust creator and the trust beneficiaries ever learn the details.

Thanks for thinking of us.

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(April 2019)
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