Planning The Digital Estate

In February, Facebook announced a change in its policy for managing profiles after death. Earlier, the family of a deceased user could ask Facebook to “memorialize” the user’s profile.  Now users can designate a “legacy contact” who will have access to the account after the user’s death.  The legacy contact will be permitted to post a death notice on the profile, and more importantly, will be able to download the archive and all associated photos. Alternatively, one can request that the account be deleted upon death.
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What “Trust Fund Loophole?”

Estate planners were curious when they heard that President Obama, in his State of the Union address, planned to call for closing the “trust fund loophole.”  As it turns out, the “loophole” proposed to be closed had nothing at all to do with trusts, and no one has yet explained why that terminology was used. Continue reading “What “Trust Fund Loophole?””