Musical Ear Syndrome – What It Is and What You Can Do

We have a client approaching 90 years old who I will refer to as “Jane” for the purpose of this Blog. When one of our relationship managers visited Jane she mentioned that she constantly heard music.  In the beginning we attributed this to her living in a side by side duplex and thought that the music she was hearing came from her roof neighbor.

As time went by we ruled out the roof neighbor because Jane would complain about hearing music while we were visiting and was emphatic it was being caused by her neighbor. We heard no music. On our most recent visit Jane complained that the music she was hearing was becoming unbearable so we decided to do a little research..
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July 2013

Gandolfinigfdleb4dIn June we all read about the passing of James Gandolfini.
Most of us know him as Tony Soprano from the HBO
megahit series The Sopranos. I have included a link to an
article that talks about the lessons learned from Mr.
Gandolfini’s estate plan.
According to the National Association of Estate Planners &
Councils, an estimated 120 million Americans don’t have
up-to-date estate strategies to protect themselves and their
families in the event of illness, accidents, or untimely death.
Are you one of them? If you haven’t reviewed your strategy
in several years, you probably are!