THE TALK…you need to have with your parents

Do you remember growing up how you dreaded having THE CONVERSATION with your parents? You know the one I am referring to ..…birds and bees.

Well, now that you are grown there is a dreaded conversation you need to initiate with your parents.  This very important conversation has to do with their financial affairs should they become ill or incapacitated. Or, about handling their financial affairs after they die.  The birds and bees conversation pales in comparison to this conversation.
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Keeping Your Estate Plan On Track!

Recently I received an inquiry from someone living in a retirement community if his estate plan is on the “right track”? He proceeded to tell me that everything he owns is either in joint name with one of his children or payable upon death to one of his children.  He also told me his will leaves everything outright to his three children equally. Continue reading “Keeping Your Estate Plan On Track!”

An Unintended Beneficiary

elder_care_servicesYou would be surprised how many people die without a will or with a will that is completely outdated. Having worked primarily with retired and soon-to-be-retired individual we have encountered many individuals who have outlived all of their beneficiaries.

When we meet to discuss their estate plan they bring a will that is sometimes 20 or 30 years old. Upon a review of their current family situation we often find that there are no living beneficiaries. Why? Because they never provided for contingent situations. Continue reading “An Unintended Beneficiary”

The Beauty of Spring – May Newsletter



Many of you are either embarking on or just finishing up your annual “spring cleaning” ritual.
Spring Cleaning should not only be dedicated to cleaning out or in my case rearranging my
garage or basement – well they at least look good for the next three months. Just as daylight
savings time triggers our looking at the batteries in our smoke detectors, spring cleaning
should trigger assessing the state of our personal financial well-being.

During the past 12 months did anything change in my personal life that would require changing
my will such as a death, a family divorce or a change in health of a beneficiary? Is the person
named in my power of attorney to care for my financial affairs in case something happens to me
still willing and able? Have there been any extraordinary expenses requiring me to reallocate my
investments? If you are still working you are one year closer to retirement – is it time to plan for
retirement? Hopefully some of this month’s articles will trigger some thoughts on “spring cleaning”
your personal financial life so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying the beauty of spring.

With best wishes,