Wills: Don’t DIY

Oftentimes people, for whatever reason, decide that they will plan their estates based upon what they hear from a neighbor, read in a newspaper or see on television. In our years of helping people properly plan their estates, we have encountered disastrous examples of “do-it-yourself” estate planning as well as Will drafting. Fortunately many of these disastrous plans were remedied before they went into effect.  Unfortunately, other times the individual died and the plan was cast in concrete.  Let me share one example from years ago of good intentions by a “do-it-yourselfer” that went awry. Continue reading “Wills: Don’t DIY”

Estate Plans for Special Needs

An article in the Wall Street Journal states the importance of building an Estate Plan for those with special needs. The Valentine family’s 14-year-old son Gabe has epilepsy and Asperger’s, and so the family created a Special Needs Trust to ensure that he is taken care of when they are no longer able.  Due to the need of many parents to care for their special needs children, a growing number of financial services companies are designating themselves as “special needs planners” and helping families find ways to provide for their children. Continue reading “Estate Plans for Special Needs”

Garden State Trust Company – Truly Spanning Generations!


Back row from left: Siobhan Connolly; Mary Gonzalez; Adam Brower; Karen Spanover; Sean Rice
Front row from left: Susan Cox; Ira Brower; Barbara Kannheiser

For many years we have worked very hard to create a feeling of “family” while providing our trust and investment services to our clients. Many of our clients have been with us for over 25 years. Some more than that! When we chose our tag line “Spanning Generations” we looked at our clients and realized our services have been spanning generations. Today we are providing our services for many of the children and in some cases the nieces and nephews of our clients.We truly are a family! We reminisce and share stories about how their parents came to us and how we followed their growth through the beaming eyes of their parents. We have shared many laughs and some sadness as their parents aged and are no longer with them. “Spanning Generations” is not just a tagline, it’s who we are.

This tagline is not exclusive to our clients either. Now my son, Adam, has joined Garden State Trust Company and even as a company we are spanning generations. We thought it was time to share with you a picture of our growing team that prides itself on providing that “family” feeling.

Best Wishes,